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Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows that social marketing is the way forward for every business right? Right? Well, probably. Engaging with customers through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest (and the rest!) sounds brilliant in principle but a lot harder for many businesses to achieve in practice.

As with everything, it’s having the time to do it all. This is where we step in. We help businesses identify exactly which social media marketing channels they need to use to start engaging with their customers. Then we run things for you.

With a successful background in customer communications marketing, we’re perfectly placed to take over the day to day management of your social channels for you. In short, we become your social media voice – it’s called social media management.

But it’s not simply about the technology – it’s really about relationships.

Of course we know all the technical tricks and tips about setting things up and growing your audience. But on top of that, our publishing background means that we understand the value of truly engaging content. Content is still King!